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    Option Explicit Sub macro1() Dim i As Long, lrow As Long Application. After the macro is finished, the status bar will show as follows – So similarly, you can update the status bar at different parts of the code, so that the user knows what is happening as the macro is running.Par contre, une macro très touffue peut demander plusieurs minutes, voire plusieurs heures pour s'exécuter : alors si c'est possible de diviser son temps d'exécution par 2, 3 ou même 100, pourquoi s'en priver ?Public b Screen Updating As Boolean Public b Enable Events As Boolean Public xl Calc As Xl Calculation Public Sub Persist App Settings() b Screen Updating = Application. Namely: Furthermore, if the restore procedure is never called, due to an error or code branching, then the settings are never restored. The class exposes properties that allow you to disable certain Excel properties from being restored, and a series of constants allow you to define the default behaviour of the class. Restore End If End Sub Public Property Get Restore Calculation() As Boolean Restore Calculation = this. It's logical, for my workload, to save and restore the calculation property, but it mightn't be a property that you want to change, or want to have to turn off every time, so the constants were a way of making the class adaptable to a developer's preferred default behavior.Screen Updating = False at the beginning of your code, then if any user runs the code, they will not know what is going on and think that the computer system is not responding. You can ask the code to display a status message on the status bar so that the user is informed about the current status of the code. V[g̈i Print Outjd폜ăRs[i Advanced Filterjub NSmɊ[email protected] Openjub N‚i Closejub NJĕ‚i Open, Closejub NJɃZl擾i Execute Excel4Macro, Excel.

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    Bon, s'il s'agit d'une macro qui s'exécute en une seconde, est-il bien nécessaire de se casser la tête pour savoir comment réduire son temps d'exécution à 2 dixièmes de secondes ?

    Here is a pic of the status bar while the macro is running.

    Once we use at the end of the code, it will revert to the default Excel message which is READY.

    O(VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, OFFSET)b GNZ֐Z5.ϐƃf[^^i Dimjb Excel}NVBA6.

    元の状態に戻すには「Status Bar」プロパティに「False」を設定して下さい。 またステータスバーそのものを表示/非表示の設定が可能です。スタータスバーが非表示の場合にはステータスバーにメッセージを設定しても表示はされません。ステータスバーをVBAから表示するように設定するにはApplicationオブジェクトの「Display Status Bar」プロパティに「True」を設定して下さい。 Sub テスト() Dim old As Boolean old = Application.

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